Get The Adventure Of Life By Swim With Whale Sharks In Exmouth

Think about the experience in which you get to swim along with the biggest creature in the world and this is certainly an experience and adventure for the entire life time. This experience is not possible around every sea animal because these could cause harm to the humans but fortunately the whale sharks are known to be very courteous and humble and do not provide any kind of harm to the humans. Although very few people around 1 person in the entire 3 million people gets a chance to swim with whale sharks in Exmouth or Ningaloo.

When do the whale sharks Exmouth tours start?

The tours span ranges from the mid of the march to the end of the June in the area of the Coral bay and then these whale sharks are found in the Exmouth in the months of April to July. These tours are situated in both areas and you could have the one of your choice. Both of these town are reachable via flights to Perth airport and then there is a 25-minute drive to the Exmouth. If you do not want to take the flight, then you could opt for the road trip option as well.

What to look in the tour company to get the best swim with whale shark experience?


If you search on the web you will easily find the top reputed companies which provide the safest and most accessible way of touring with the whale sharks.

Eco friendly practices:

As the whale sharks are endangered species therefore, it is important that the tour companies use the ecofriendly methods which are sustainable and that the vessels and equipment used by the swimmers are not harmful to any of the whale sharks and that these activities should not be done in a way that these disturb the natural living routine of the whale sharks in Exmouth.



Since it is one in a lifetime experience and while the swimmers are swimming with the whale sharks they want to capture and store it so that it becomes unforgettable and they could re live it whenever they want. But it is not possible for most of the people to do it by themselves as they need underwater camera equipment and therefore, there are many tour companies who provide this service in which they capture and document your entire experience during the swim and you do not have to worry about taking the pictures yourself.

Best staff and crew:

It is important that the staff and crew are the people who are highly trained and have great knowledge about the whale sharks in Exmouth so that they are able to share the fun facts and history with you as well as guide you properly.

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